About life after prison and continuing to write

We’re a group of men recently released from a north London prison where we all contributed to the production of the prison magazine. During that time we came to realise the power and impact of the written word.

This blog helps continue that experience. It’s a forum to discuss the highs and lows of life after release while enabling us to continue writing and developing our craft. It’s also a notice board to share information, advice and opportunities and a site to review the effectiveness of ex offender services.

We would welcome contributions from other ex offenders but we don’t want rants. We’re looking for reasonably objective accounts of your experiences, your concerns and organisations you found helpful after your release. If you have something to say write to commentwithconvictions@yahoo.co.uk


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  1. roxanne brennen · · Reply


    This will maybe sound strange, but I hope you will take time to read and hopefully reply to me. I am a design student and I am working on a project about prison. I have no knowledge about prison but I am very interested in the topic. I am creating a book gathering several insiders’s tips and ex inmates views on prison from all over the world. There will be only illustrations and no photos and if the ex-inmates do not want to be mentioned by name they will stay anonymous. I am doing this project because I believe that prison is a world that people do not fully understand and has it’s own rules. I am not interested by why the people I am contacting have been to jail but how the system works inside, with the flaws and all.
    I hope you will answer me.
    Kind regards,

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