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I want to go back to prison

.  I decided I’d had enough a few weeks back, and told my probation officer to breach me… I’ve had no joy arranging any kind of training or education and thought my best chance would be to go back to prison where the staff would be better able guide and advise me. I told probation […]

An ex offender and university; the Longford Trust and Windowlene

‘I think you might set your sights a bit lower,  have you thought about being a cleaner?’   Now, I’m not so high and mighty that I believe cleaning is beneath me, but the advice of the prison Careers Advisor left my vision of my future smeared like a dirty window. University had always been […]

When I was released I felt lost

  When I was released I felt lost. I was grateful for my freedom but my enthusiasm was crushed by the weighty reality of life, relationships, family, food and bills. The sense of camaraderie I found in prison was a powerful force that energised me and inspired me to seek the change that most men […]