I’ve had scores of journeys in sweatboxes (prison vans) and if you’ve been in jail, so, probably, have you. But for those of you who might read this that haven’t had the pleasure, here’s what it’s like. First, a brief description of the vehicle: The sweatbox is a cellular style of transport in the form of […]

I push, scrape and pile the white powder into a line. I smooth out the crumpled £20 note in my wallet and make an impromptu tube.   As I lower my nostril to the mound of powder, negative thoughts ricochet in my mind like a stray bullet, fuck life! fuck everything! no one cares! I […]

    “Waaah gwan bredgrin?” I turn to see someone that looks like a pop star who’s having a bit of a career hiatus. With overly gelled, spiked hair and the beginnings of a loosening jowl, Mr C made every effort to be on trend, that’s if style was solely influenced by the nineties. There […]

The kettle simmers. A whiff of steam rises in the air, spreading the aroma of the softening onion, garlic and peppers. I watch Baz’s every move with wonder. His cooking demeanour is a blend of Jaimie’s enthusiastic chaos and Gordon’s growling authority. Although we share a cell, when it comes to food Baz rules the […]

Lest I forget “We forget too soon the things that we thought that we would never forget.”(Joan Didion) Social media, namely Facebook and Instagram, brings the world to me. Logging on opens up a window to the world both internationally and locally. Glamour, glitter, raucous laughter, smiley faces and sparsely dressed ladies with glowing skin. […]

D died a week ago and I still struggle to come to terms with this senseless loss of life. I doubt D would have thought that when he lit the Spice spliff and inhaled the toxic smoke into his lungs he ignited a chain of events that led to his death. D’s body had a […]