Monthly Archives: August 2013

I want to go back to prison

.  I decided I’d had enough a few weeks back, and told my probation officer to breach me… I’ve had no joy arranging any kind of training or education and thought my best chance would be to go back to prison where the staff would be better able guide and advise me. I told probation […]

Release meant deportation

I’ve been trying to describe my release from prison (some five years later) and how I felt at the time. You’d think that at my rebirth I would remember every detail of such a wonderful occurrence but my dream of release was scaled down by reality.  See, release meant deportation, there was no standing at the […]

A Jamaican’s tale continued: Doing time

Brown, steel-toed boots, green pants, white T-shirt and 15 pounds of muscle heavier, I sauntered across the center, my escorting officer matching my pace. It was Friday and I’d just been released from my job, I was in no hurry. A pillowcase strung over my shoulder carrying my meager belongings, an extra change of clothes […]