Monthly Archives: April 2013

The tutor said “no” based on my ‘pre-cons’

Having successfully completed a Gym Instructor’s course in Pentonville, I decided to continue my studies on release and applied to my local college. Last July 2012, me and around six other inmates were released from north London’s Pentonville prison. I’d just spent most of the last three hours gazing at the TV in the prison’s […]

Finding a Job after prison?

When I was released from Lowdham Grange in January 2012 I reported to parole and was told to get up the Jobcentre next day, which I did. During the jobcentre interview I was told to get a CV together as all job apps require one nowadays. This I did. It wasn’t much of a CV […]

When I was released I felt lost

  When I was released I felt lost. I was grateful for my freedom but my enthusiasm was crushed by the weighty reality of life, relationships, family, food and bills. The sense of camaraderie I found in prison was a powerful force that energised me and inspired me to seek the change that most men […]