Monthly Archives: July 2014

I lost my twenties on jail landings

I gingerly hobble back to my cell: my legs, after a heavy squat session feel like an under set jelly. Gym is a pleasant distraction from the mundane regime of prison life and it helps in my fight against a slowing metabolism and developing a ‘muffin top’. I lost my twenties, well the majority of […]

Write Off

  Who am I to write a piece on writing? Don’t get me wrong; when it comes to my pieces of work, the words have been thrown about on more than one occasion. I have even been awarded a Koestler’s ‘well at least you had a bash’ certificate. Apologies for tooting my own horn; not […]

So, do I think I am rehabilitated?

On account of my prematurely greying hair (trust me I stocked up with Just for Men for when I was released) and a hairline that is receding faster than the Dorset coastline, I am respectfully called ‘Uncle’ when inside. Sensitive about ageing in a young man’s domain, I grudgingly accepted the role of a wise prison […]