Girls On Top – book review



As everyone knows who’s been inside, it’s almost impossible to get books sent in and  equally difficult to get to the prison library. Recently Pat manages to get hold of not one but three books while inside and writes the review below.

If you’re tired of reading books about failed criminals making up excuses as to why they end up in prison … then it’s time to broaden your library horizons, of course, that’s if you can get to the library. I was lucky and got hold of three great books – The Millennium trilogy – which I would wholeheartedly recommend.  ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ and ‘The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest’. All three stand on their own, but you need to read all three to understand the depths of the main character, Lisbeth (lovely name) Salander.

It’s so refreshing that the books have a female lead who doesn’t spend the whole time in her unmentionables waiting for a man to save her and show her she can love again. In truth, all the women in these books are strong and independent. This is done in a subtle and honest way, definitely not the Martina Cole way (who, let’s face it, wrote one book twenty years ago and has basically rewritten it thirty times).

The story is set in Sweden, which poses a problem when trying to read the names of different characters. I also found some words were lost in translation, though this probably has more to do with my vocabulary than the language. There are lots of sex scenes, which fit in with my mind’s stereotype of Sweden (gotta go there). They are highly sexual but never overly explicit. The sex is handled with maturity – no throbbing members or love tunnels in sight.   The main character’s story is believable and I found the stuff on Sweden’s Justice system fascinating, though the detail about financial journalism less so. These books kept me going with intriguing back-stories and a fast paced plot. All three are well worth a read.   Credit should be given to the author who has brought very strong females to the page, this is more important when you consider the writer is male.

I’ve been very careful not to give the plot away. Just to reassure you – it’s got sex, murder, drugs and everything else a good book should have. What else could you want?



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